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Knightwood Levelbook v1.0 Pro Edition

 This land surveying software is designed for use by land surveyors, engineers and archaeologists.  This program mimics the layout of a standard rise/fall level book used when determining the difference in height above sea level between one or more points.

 Enter your backsight, foresight and intermediate sight observations and Knightwood LevelBook Free will automatically calculate Rise/Fall and Reduced Levels, misclosure and adjustment values.  Results can then be printed out or saved for future reference.

 Using this program eliminates many tedious calculations and the potential for errors that can arise. Results can then be output in a personalised, presentable fashion and saved digitally.

Screenshot of Knightwood LevelBook Pro - Land Surveying Software Utilities - Levelling
Screenshot of Knightwood levelBook Pro


Image of Knightwood LevelBook Pro example printout Image of Knightwood LevelBook Pro example booking sheet
Example printout Example booking sheet

The Pro edition of Knightwood LevelBook v1.0 for MS Windows has all the features of the free version  available, PLUS the ability to personalise print-outs with logo/contact details, and a useful graphical representation of the level-run data.  

You will need to purchase a license to use the Pro version. Purchase Licence

Once downloaded please activate the software by emailing the license key which will be generated by the software, along with the order number for the license, to lbp_activation@landsurveyingsoftware.co.uk.  You will then receive an activation key which can be pasted into the program to activate it.

Knightwood LevelBook Pro 

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